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What is a Very Big Year?

For Australian recreational paddlers it is a year of having a big go and aiming for 1000km of racing.


A Very Big Year will see you complete 1000km of paddle sports races across Australia.

There are a few rules to keep it fair and interesting.

Have a happy Very Big YEAR!!!

Good Luck, get training and get involved in paddle sports races.

You can compete in kayak, surf ski, canoes, outriggers or SUP events.

Your VERY BIG YEAR, can comprise of any paddle-sports events across Australia. It is important that the events you choose, be events that are open to the public and not exclusive races, or club events where the general public can not enter.

The Very BIG Year paddle sports challenge, is supported and managed by Sydney Harbour Kayaks.

Very BIG YEAR Rules & Conditions

Rules & Conditions:

1) You need to complete 1000km of paddle sports races across one calendar year.

* You can start your year on any date and then finish exactly 12 months later.

2) During the year you need to compete in at least ONE race with a double blade paddle (kayak paddle) and at least one race with a single blade paddle (canoe or SUP paddle).

You could paddle any type of kayak or ocean / surf ski for the double blade and any type of canoe, sup or outrigger for the single blade.

3) You need to register with Sydney Harbour Kayaks and submit a draft plan of your year. We know that plans can change, so we only need a draft, that you can update during the year.

4) You MUST paddle in at least ONE of the following paddling marathons  -

5) You MUST paddle in at least ONE interstate race (from your home base)

6) The total distance is based on the 'official' events distance and not your gps reading; i.e the MMP = 404km.

7) You must display the official Very BIG Year sticker on your craft in all events and post your 'PROOF' photo on the VBY facebook page.

At the end of each race you need to submit a photo of you at the finish line as well as your official time.

8) You are able to complete your 1000km in either a single, double or other multiple seat craft.

If you compete the entire 1000km in a double with the same person, then of course you both qualify for the award.

Other events we recommend to achieve your 1000km would be:

International Events that are allowed to be included into your VBY results

AuSable River Canoe Marathon 120 miles / 193km

Yukon River Quest 444miles / 715km

Texas Water Safari 260 miles / 418km

The main source of information for the VBY is the facebook page -

Ready to get started?

Fill in the form below and send it to us. We will get in touch to finalize your plan.

What are you waiting for?


GO and have a Very BIG Year

Success! Message received.


1000km recognition.

Your name and details will be listed on a perpetual trophy (tree) that lives @ Sydney Harbour Kayaks,  Middle Harbour.



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