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Kayak Lessons Sydney

Sydney Harbour Kayaks
Three Hour Kayak Safety Course
This course if free if you are renting a kayak for the lesson.

This continues on from our simplest introductory course and focuses on the SAFETY aspect of kayaking.

This lesson applies to many different types of paddlers of varied ability. The skills taught during this lesson are very important to know, understand and execute. They can greatly assist in averting a bad on-water experience.


The Paddle Safe Paddle Smart Safety Lesson will focus on the following:

•  Bracing for capsize prevention,
•  How to get out of your kayak safely when upside down (the ‘wet exit’) using a spray skirt,
•  Capsize-recovery training: assisted rescues and self-rescues,

•  Towing (the contact tow and the line tow), and
•  How different weather conditions affect kayaking, and what to look out for. 

Prerequisites: Any paddler that has never learnt safety techniques or would like to be refreshed on their safety skills.

NOTE: You are welcome to do this lesson a couple of times to make sure you can master these skills.

We highly recommend wearing a wetsuit during the winter months.


The Paddle Safe / Paddle Smart Kayak Lessons are FREE if you rent a kayak from SYDNEY HARBOUR KAYAKS.

The KAYAK rental will cost $60.00 for the duration of the lesson.


If you are bringing your own kayak for this SAFETY COURSE then the cost for the lesson is $50.00

Course Size: Minimum # of Students: 4, Maximum: 8

Booking a Free Kayak lesson with Sydney Harbour Kayaks is easy.

Please click the link below to access our booking form.

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