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Sydney Harbour Kayaks  - My Paddle Passport

Paddling Guide to Middle Harbour, Sydney Australia

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Click here to download the My Paddle Passport paddlers guide to Middle Harbour.

My Paddle Passport - is your kayaking paddle guide to the wonders of Middle Harbour within Sydney Harbour.

My Paddle Passport is an e-book that has been produced from the Professional Paddlers of Sydney Harbour Kayaks.

This ebook is a complete guide to kayak paddling within Middle Harbour.

You will find a series of maps that cover self guided tours that range from 1 hour through to all day trips. We have also added special maps based on finding protection from the different wind directions.

The team at Sydney Harbour Kayaks are always exploring Middle Harbour and will update My Paddle Passport when we find something new. We also welcome any feedback or additions you would like to make for the next edition.


Click here to download the My Paddle Passport paddlers guide to Middle Harbour.

My Paddle Passport is an E-BOOK Only - If you would like to have this when you are paddling, then we suggest printing the pages that suit.

We can provide you with a laminated map of Middle Harbour, however this does not have the content found in the My Paddle Passport guides.

Middle Harbour is a unique part of Sydney Harbour that would take you a long time to explore.

Enjoy the sights — white sandy beaches, healthy mangrove systems and dense eucalypt forests. Glide along calm waters past ship wrecks, lighthouses, and even an explosives depot (now decommissioned).


See wildlife in its natural habitat — birdlife, such as herons, cormorants, and sea eagles; and marine life, like moon jellies, fairy penguins, salt-water fish, occasionally dolphins and the odd seal. 


Look out for evidence of how the area was first used by Sydney's original paddlers, the Cameragal people, who fished from nawis -- bark canoes -- on the very same waters that you can paddle on today. Ask our staff where to find Aboriginal rock carvings, and which trees were used to make the nawi (canoe) and gamai (spear for fishing). 


Sydney's Middle Harbour

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