Mirage Sea Kayaks Spare Parts

Purchase your Mirage Sea Kayaks Spare Parts directly through our online store at www.sydneyharbourkayaks.biz


If no link is listed or a spare part is not listed then please contact us to purchase. 

OLDER STYLE ROUND Mirage rubber hatches 20cm (Front or Day); you can purchase a replacement Aussie Made round rubber hatch online (this round hatch is compatible with Valley and Pittarak)
$55.00 each - CLICK HERE TO BUY
If you need an additional PLASTIC RIM for this round rubber hatch as a replacement or to install on a new kayak -
$55.00 each (Hatch & Rim) CLICK HERE TO BUY
Kajak Sport Hatches:

Kajak Sport hatches and rims (25cm).
Kajak Sport hatches and rims (20cm).
Kajak Sport hatches and rims (10cm).
Kajak Sport hatches and rims (47cm x 28.5cm - oval).
Purchase a replacement Fibreglass (Mirage Colours) stern oval hatch online - CLICK HERE

Purchase a replacement 100% Carbon Fibre (Clear Coat) stern oval hatch online - CLICK HERE
Neoprene Cover (seal) for  Rear Hatch - CLICK HERE
Mirage Pedal Sets:

Purchase a Mirage Sea Kayaks TBar and Pedal Set - Click Here

NOTE: The Mirage TBar and Pedal set can now be custom installed into NON-Mirage Composite Sea Kayaks - call us for more details.
New set of Pedal Hinges - call Mirage Sea Kayaks Factory on 02 4324 1922
Mirage Pedal Sets:

Carbon Reinforced Mirage LD PLATE  - Click Here
LD equals Leg Drive and this is a crucial component for paddle performance and power input per stroke. The LD plate allows for maximum foot support, for full leg drive.

The carbon reinforcement on the plate and pedals make the entire unit very stiff and therefore allows for direct transmission of the power from your legs into paddle stroke energy.
Mirage Seating:

If you would like to purchase additional 15mm adhesive thermo formed foam kayak seat please - Click Here.

Floating Back-Band Back Rest - Click Here

Comfort Combo - 15mm Foam &Floating Back-Band Back Rest

- Click Here

You can purchase any missing / lost fixturing for your Mirage, or if you are making your own kit kayak, then you can purchase some outfitting parts:

. Fairleads;
. Bungee / Shock Cord (6mm);
. Deck Line (6mm);
. Mirage Decal Sets;
. Stainless Steel Cable, swages & D Shackles;
. Rudder Hinges & Rudder Pins;
. Carry Toggles;
. Bilge Pump Sets, including waterproof battery cases;
. Bilge Pump Replacement Batteries;
. Bilge Pump Battery Recharger;
. Waterproof Switch and wiring.

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81 Parriwi Road - Smiths Boat Shed
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There is a lot of parking close to us at the Spit Bridge, however it is council paid parking.

Free parking Information
There is some free parking north and south of us at Upper Parriwi Road, Mosman or Avona Cres, Seaforth.

Both locations will require a few hundred metres walk back to our Spit Bridge location.

Note: make sure you always check the parking signs.


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