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Kayak, Surf Ski & Ocean Ski REPAIRS / Fibreglass / Carbon & Kevlar Repairs

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MIRAGE CARE - Kayak & Surf Ski repair and refurbishment

Over the life of your beloved kayak or surfski you probably will need to have something repaired. You can either try the DYI or make the problem completely' disappear by having experts manage the issue.

Sydney Harbour Kayaks have partnered with the specialists that make Mirage Sea Kayaks in Gosford; these guys are the true experts in kayak manufacturing and are wizards when it comes to making an aesthetic repair.

All you need to do is send pictures and then book with Sydney Harbour Kayaks a spot, drop your craft to the shop at the Spit Bridge and for no transport cost, will take your kayak or ski to the experts in Gosford for the care it needs.

Mirage Care is not only for repairs. You can get your unloved kayak or ski brought back to life with a full refurbishment. The Mirage experts will completely strip back your craft and replace all deck outfitting (including the decals on any Mirage) Your kayak or surf ski will really look like 'near' new.

Does your kayak look like this???                                                           

How about getting back to this - WOW!

Mirage Sea Kayaks have an outstanding reputation for building great kayaks over the last 27 years. However, with Mirage Care we have continued to provide one of the best kayak, ski and canoe ‘Service & Repair’ facilities in Australia.

If your kayak needs a lot of love then MIRAGE SEA KAYAKS CARE are your guys.          

Whether your kayak, surf ski, canoe or ocean ski requires a general refurbishment, or a specific repair job – Mirage has the technical repair capability, regardless of your craft.

A complete Mirage Care refurbishment consists of the following:

  •     Removal and replacement of all deck lines, bungee (shock) cord,

  •     Replacement of decals (Mirage only),

  •     Repair of 'Minor' gelcoat chips and small scratches on rudder, hull, seam and deck,

  •     Fully polished and buffed,

  •     Replacement of rudder cables (if needed),

  •     Replacement of rudder pedal hinges (if needed); and

  •     Pressure testing of the bulk heads and re-sealing (if needed).

Quotable extras - larger repairs, repairing or replacement of bilge pump, replacement of hatches, repair or replacement of handles and seats, rudder replacement.

A complete Mirage Care refurbishment is the perfect way to get the best our of your loved craft. It can never be show-room new again, however this is the next best thing. You can add a lot of value if you are planning on selling your craft.

If you have a problem with your craft or need a Mirage Care refurbishment, then please contact Mirage Sea Kayaks Care Care directly or through our Sydney Service Centre; Sydney Harbour Kayaks, and let us bring your craft back to life. MIRAGE CARE - Kayak & Surf Ski repair and refurbishment.

Email us (with pictures) and then book with Sydney Harbour Kayaks your servicing or repair or if you like you can take your kayak or ski directly to Mirage Sea Kayaks Care in West Gosford.

Note: Just remember to book your service as we do not rush these repairs or refurbishments.




The Manufacture team:

Mirage Sea Kayaks - Care 
Unit 10, 14-16 Stockyard Place
West Gosford NSW 2250

Hours: Monday to Friday  9am - 5pm

             Saturday CLOSED

             Sunday CLOSED

Phone:  02 4324-1922

Email: gosford@mirageseakayaks.com.au 


Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

Mirage Kayak & Surf Ski Repairs

Kayak Repairs

If your kayak or surf-ski looks like these, then call M-Care.

We are the best in the industry in composite repairs.

Phone Lines

Line 1: 02 9969 4590

Line 2: 02 9960 4389





NSW Location

81 Parriwi Road - Smiths Boat Shed
The Spit Bridge, Mosman 2088


Victorian Location

Murray River Adventures

Cohuna, Victoria

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Certificate of Operation Holder.

Address for all official correspondence

Sydney Harbour Kayaks Pty Ltd

Eora Country

81 Parriwi Road - Smiths Boat Shed
Mosman 2088

There is a lot of parking close to us at the Spit Bridge, however it is council paid parking.

Free parking Information
There is some free parking north and south of us at Upper Parriwi Road, Mosman or Avona Cres, Seaforth.

Both locations will require a few hundred metres walk back to our Spit Bridge location.

Note: make sure you always check the parking signs.


Transport NSW 

Opening Hours

SUMMER HOURS - October to April

Monday & Tuesday: 9am to 3pm

(last rental at 1.30pm)

Wednesday: 9am to 5pm

Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: 7.30am to 5pm

Last rental each day is 3.30pm unless listed.

WINTER HOURS - May to September

Monday / Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday to Friday: 9am to 3pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 3pm

(last rental at 1.30pm)

Note: The last rental each day is 3.30pm

when we close at 5pm or it is at 1.30pm when we close at 3pm.

We will be closed:

Easter Sunday

Christmas Day

Boxing Day

New Years Day

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