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Sydney Harbour Kayaks

Small Private / Intimate  Guided Kayaking Tours

- 1 to 8 People Only - 

How about starting your day on an early morning sea kayak paddle with one of the Professional Team from Sydney Harbour Kayaks?
During our 28 years on Sydney Harbour, we know all the top spots to visit. We can explore many different locations depending on the conditions and we will do it in style by using beautiful Australian made lightweight sea kayaks (made by Mirage Sea Kayaks).

Depending on your level of experience and the group size, we have single or double kayaks available. We will make sure to bring some freshly brewed coffee if we need a stop along the way.

We can depart from several beautiful beaches (depending on the tour you are taking) We can explore Middle Harbour or the Greater Sydney Harbour area.

Maybe a tour,  paddling under the World's famous Sydney Harbour Bridge is what you are looking for, or cruise past the Governor General's house.

On our paddle, it is more enjoyable that we cruise at a leisurely pace, therefore you will only need a moderate level of fitness.

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Early Morning Explorer

2 Hours

- up to 8 paddlers

Our main paddling area is within Middle Harbour (a beautiful off-shoot of Sydney Harbour) and depending on the conditions of the day, we can explore many amazing places. Let's all see the sunrise over Sydney's Heads.


During our two hours, we could explore out to Grotto Point Light-house to see the Manly Ferry pass by, or over to Cobbler's Beach and even into Balmoral.

We will stop somewhere lovely light breakfast and hot tea or coffee.

We can even accommodate a special celebration, like birthday or anniversary.

More details: Beautiful Middle Harbour Sunriser Tour

Start: 6am to 8.30am

Private Tours Only

Price: $145.00 (per person)

Group Size: 1 to 8

Starting Location:

Sydney Harbour kayaks,

Spit Bridge in Mosman

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Beautiful Sydney Sunriser

2.5 Hours

- up to 4 paddlers

Wake up to the beauty of one of the grandest harbours in all of the world. Allow us to guide you out on to this 'working' harbour and set you up for experiencing Sydney from a completely new perspective.

Depending on the conditions we will set-up up the mandatory photo in front of our famous Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Luna Park. We will then explore several of the main bays in this very special area.

Of course we will stop somewhere lovely for a hot tea or coffee.

More details: Beautiful Sydney Sunriser Tour

Start: 6am to 8.30am

Private Tours Only

Price: $175.00 (per person)

Group Size: 1 to 4

Starting Location:

Neutral Bay Ferry Wharf,

Neutral Bay / Hayes St Beach

The minimum cost for one of these special intimate 'Private Tours' is:

Middle Harbour Sunriser: $435

Sydney Harbour Sunriser: $525

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