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This is the Annual EX RENTAL Fleet Sale -  - ONGOING

First in best dressed!!
Ex Rental Fleet kayaks are sold ‘AS IS’ and are priced accordingly.   You must Inspect the craft carefully prior to purchasing.

Important / Please note prior to purchasing:
Be Careful on your purchase -
There are NO returns on any ex-rental fleet purchases.
There are NO warranties on the EX RENTAL FLEET kayaks and surfskis
Please make sure to come and inspect the craft prior to purchase.

Download Pricelist


Check out and test paddle the craft you are interested in throughout April - a rental fee will apply.

Make sure you note what craft you are interested in and then get to the sale early on April 29. Customers will be served based on their position in the queue.

Please only purchase if you are happy with your purchase - there are no returns or warranties on the sales.

All sales MUST be finalised on the day of the sale.

REPAIRS or REFURBISHMENTS can be arranged via MIRAGE Care at Mirage Sea Kayaks in West Gosford.

Storage can also be arranged, if you are unable to collect your craft on the day of the sale.

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