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Free Surf Ski Paddling Courses

1) Introduction to Surf-Ski Paddling

2) Intermediate Surf-Ski Paddling

3) Surf-Ski Safety and Deep Water Re-Entry Course

Every Weekend :  1 1/2 Hours per lesson


8am to 9.30am - Introduction to Surf-Ski Paddling

10am to 11.30am - Intermediate Surf-Ski Paddling


8am to 9.30am - Intermediate Surf-Ski Paddling

10am to 11.30am - Surf-Ski Safety Course

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Safety Partner

Surf Ski paddling embraces the spirit of freedom and speed.


1) Introduction to Surf-Ski Paddling

So you have kayaked for a while and you are feeling the need for speed: come and take your first ski paddle strokes with the very experienced instructors at Sydney Harbour Kayaks.

using the protected water-ways of Middle Harbour, you will learn core techniques to make sure you are well on the way to be an efficient surf-ski paddler and finish with a nice 'tool kit' of exercises to practice your new skills.

You will also learn about paddling using a wing (curved) bladed paddle, with exercises to maintain good form. You are welcome to take this course a few times, to make sure your core skills are nicely refined.

Every Saturday from 8am to 9.30am


You must be an intermediate kayak or have taken both the 'Intro to Kayaking' and 'Kayak Safety' Course

2) Intermediate Surf-Ski Paddling

So you have mastered the basics of paddling a surf-ski and are looking for more speed, more efficiency and maybe the feeling that now is the right time to get into some heavier water conditions.

Speed, waves, ocean swells and exhilarating times out there with your mates. This is the period when surf-ski paddling takes a turn for the better and you start to understand what these craft are capable of really doing. It does take a lift in your core skills and confidence.

The Intermediate Surf-Ski Course will assist in lifting these skills and get you on your way to the freedom that is surf-ski.

The components within this course can be built upon several times and therefore this is the perfect course to come and do several times, until you are feeling like a pro.

Every Saturday from 10am to 11.30am / Sunday from 8am to 9.30am


You have completed our 'Intro to Surf-Ski' paddling, or you have an efficient level of surf-ski paddling..

3) Surf-Ski Safety and Deep Water Re-Entry Course

One of the greatest joys of paddling a surf-ski, is getting out there in the ocean swells and feeling the invigoration of the speeds that can be achieved. This open ocean experience does have its dangerous side and great care must always be taken.

Our safety and deep water re-entry course will equip you with some necessary skills and techniques for: rescue / recovery (for yourself and your mates) as well as getting back into your ski with a deep water re-entry.

The skills learnt in this course are crucial and can save a life.

Every Sunday from 10am to 11.30am


You must be an intermediate kayak or surfski paddler.


If you have never paddled a kayak before, then please enroll in the Learn to Kayak Lesson and the Kayak Safety Lesson prior to the Surf SKI Lessons.


The Paddle Safe / Paddle Smart Kayak Surf Ski Lessons are FREE.

If you do not have your own surf ski then the kayak rental will cost $55.00 for the duration of the lesson.

We rent a mixture of surf skis for this lesson - the primary craft we use are:

The Enduro, Mirage 583, Mirage 533, Carbonology Cruise, Fenn Blue Fin, Carbonology Boost, Fenn XTS

Course Size: Minimum # of Students: 3, Maximum: 8

Booking a Free Kayak or Surf-Ski lesson with Sydney Harbour Kayaks is easy.

Please phone us on 02 9969 4590 or click the link below to access our contact form.

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