Middle Harbour Eco Tour

Saturdays and Sundays, 8:30am to 12:30pm


Journey deep into the Garigal National Park on the Middle Harbour Eco Tour. Follow the Mosman and Seaforth shorelines past waterfront suburban areas, then break through into the remote bushland of Sugarloaf Bay and Bantry Bay.

Follow the paddle strokes of the first paddlers in the area, the Gameragal people, and hear their story from your friendly guide. Learn about the ecology of the area and keep an eye out for wildlife as you coast along the harbour waters beside forested shorelines. 

Go ashore for a picnic-style morning tea on one of our favourite sandy beaches, then cast off again with extra energy for your paddle back to Spit Bridge. 

Minimum age: 13 years old.

Price: $145 per person

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Sydney Harbour Sunriser (Sydney Harbour Bridge / Opera House)

Location: Darling Harbour / Australian National Maritime Museum - Start 6am


Wake up to the beauty of one of the grandest harbours in all of the world. Allow us to guide you out on to this 'working' harbour and set you up for experiencing Sydney from a completely new perspective.

Depending on the conditions we will set-up up the mandatory photo in front of our famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Luna Park. We will then explore several of the main bays in this very special area.

Minimum age: 16 years old.

You will need to be at least an intermediate or experienced kayaker.

Price: $175 per person

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Middle Harbour Sunriser

Private Tours / 1 to 8 people

Start: 6am


Our main paddling area is within Middle Harbour (a beautiful off-shoot of Sydney Harbour) and depending on the conditions of the day, we can explore many amazing places. Let's all see the sunrise over Sydney's Heads.


During our two hours, we could explore out to Grotto Point Light-house, or over to Cobbler's Beach and even into Balmoral. If the day is just right, then we can take a hike up to Middle Head and watch the manly ferries cruise past.

We will stop somewhere lovely for a hot coffee and some fresh fruit.

Minimum age: 14 years old.

You will need to be at least an intermediate kayaker.

Price: $145 per person

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Private Kayaking Tours 

Private Tours / any day of the week & week-end.

Explore the eastern side of Spit Bridge, and cruise across to the Grotto Point lighthouse, where you can enjoy views out to the Pacific Ocean or customise with our guide your tour. 


Private Kayaking Tour

Price: Start at $99 per person

More Information Private Kayaking Tour - Discovery/ Book here

Options for the Tours

Price: Start at $99 per person

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Mini Wellness / Yoga Retreat

Sydney Harbour Kayak's widely acclaimed guided kayak tours is The Wellness Retreat, a morning of paddling, yoga and meditation. If you don't have time for a weekend at a health spa, but crave some time-out to nurture body and soul, here's your answer.

The three hour mini retreat begins as you paddle out across beautiful Middle Harbour. From the moment your kayak glides through the water, the noise in your head begins to fade as your guide Joanna or Monika, gently brings your focus to the present.


Schedule: check our schedule - the Mini Wellness Retreat runs year round

Duration: about 3 hours

Price: $95 per person

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Search for the Tadashi (Team-Build Activity)

A hidden submarine, one mission, two teams...

A kayaking adventure and team-building scenario, the Search for the Tadashi challenges you and your colleagues to find a missing WWII Japanese submarine, located somewhere in Middle Harbour.


Ideal as an offsite corporate activity, the Search for the Tadashi combines adventure, hidden clues, secret codes and mystery with a real historical situation.


Schedule: any day of the week by arrangement

Duration: about 2 hours

Price: $175 per person

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Photo Challenge (Team-Build Activity)

Sydney Harbour Kayaks Photo Challenge Coffee Tour where you will not only experience Sydney Harbour in a completely different way - via sea kayaks, but also be able to document your journey using waterproof cameras.

The PHOTO Challenge is a wonderful Team Building activity, that encourages you to express yourselves, your teams, your brands in a fun and creative spirit.

With waterproof cameras of course....

Schedule: any day of the week by arrangement

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: $99 per person

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Paddle Polo (Birthday Parties / Team-Build Activity / School Program)

Paddle Polo is a fun and energetic kayaking polo game using tall floating goals and a soft ball.

Played with sit-on-top kayaks in teams of five players, 'Paddle Polo' is a perfect game for company fun days, school afternoons and kids/adults birthday parties... 

Schedule: any day of the week by arrangement

Duration: 1 1/2 hours


$35 per School Age Child

$45 per Adult

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