Sydney and Cohuna Weather web pages that give you some accurate information - see below.

These are the main sites we use at Sydney Harbour Kayaks.

We now have two locations.


Our main base is located in Sydney, with in Middle Harbour and we are classified as Sydney Closed Waters.

Our Southern base is located in Cohuna Victoria and is classified as Mallee District Forecast.

Sydney Links

. Wind - Seabreeze -

. Warnings NSW - BOM -

. Sydney Forecast - BOM -

. Sydney Current Observations - BOM -

. Windy TV (Spit Bridge)  -,-33.815,151.248,15,m:cIOaknf

Cohuna, Victoria Links

. Warnings VIC - BOM -

. Mallee Forecast - BOM -

. Mallee Current Observations - BOM -

. Windy TV (Cohuna, Victoria)  -,144.255,12,m:cFuakbx

NOTE: If there are any current storm warnings, strong wind warnings (Sydney Closed Waters or Mallee District Forecast) or that the wind websites are showing winds above 15 knots, then please make sure you check with us, as we may be on wind hold or have rental closed for the day.


Sydney, NSW

Cohuna, Victoria